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Who we are

Sortmy is three ex-pat women who, through their combined experience of living in other countries such as England, the US, and Spain, know the challenges of living and working in a foreign country.

We know the Dutch system inside and out and have experienced the difficulties of balancing motherhood’s challenges and work-life balance without supporting family. We love to help people out, and if we can’t help with a problem, we will redirect you to someone who will.

What we do

Various services including;

Virtual Assistant

Relocation Service

Travel Service

Proofreading Service

Translation Service

Concierge Service

Invoicing Service

Admin Service

Pet Support

Project Assistant Service

Why we’re needed

Individuals can struggle with bureaucracy, paperwork and administration. Small businesses can battle with organising their daily necessities or expanding their business because they lack time or resources.
International students may need help proofreading their assignments from a native English speaker.
People relocate for jobs and studies without tangible support from the companies they work for or institutes they study in.  As a result, they face a language barrier and a massive task of finding out how to fit themselves into the Dutch society and providing a sense of “home” for their families with familiar routines and social activities.

Your team

We can help you manage a complete relocation or a new business startup.  We want to be the team on your side to help with the little things; whether answering emails, finding a medical specialist, sorting out your paperwork or even someone to watch your pet, we can organise it all.   We want to lend a hand with almost anything that a person may find challenging or dislikes doing.

We have competitive rates and work hands-on to ensure the feeling of having a companion by your side, whatever your journey happens to be at the moment.   If it doesn’t fall under our expertise, we will find an expert for you who can handle it.