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What problems do people face when they relocate?

Did you know that culture shock is one of the main reasons those relocating to a foreign country leave to move back home?  So what are the factors of culture shock?

  • A different language means not being able to understand conversations and the feeling of not being able to communicate and make a connection with the people around you.
  • Not having close friends and family nearby to lean on in difficult times or celebrate the good times can make people feel very isolated.
  • Different foods, both in restaurants and supermarkets. Not finding the ingredients to cook your staple dishes or your favourite treat food is disheartening when you long for a reminder of home.
  • Not understanding the local transport system and not being familiar enough with the surrounding area to get around quickly. This can impact non-work-related activities and make the relocation feel very work-centred.

So, cultural differences can be found in language, food, and getting around.  But also in religion, clothing styles, types of transport and even ways of speaking (think loudly, quietly, gesturing), which can make a person feel very isolated.

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